Confidently Speaking – Course Registration Now Open!

If you are one of the 73% of the population who hates speaking up at work and in life – we have training and coaching that will have you confidently speaking in six weeks. Want to know more, or access some of our free resources and mini-courses, then head over to our Let’s Speak page…


Feedback at Work; Appreciation vs Evaluation

When done right, feedback can be one of the most productive conversations to have at work and it can so easily go wrong…when we are searching for appreciation and get evaluation instead – that is a whole different video! See what happened at dinner recently. So, today as we launch the virtual platform of Speaking…

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Virtual Communication – Three Quick Tips

Want to know more about excellent virtual communication skills?  In this video, we talk about 3 quick tips to better virtual communications. What this video isn’t is a maths lesson! (you’ll have to watch to see what I mean!) It has been said so many times but it bears repeating – look at the camera….


Launch of Virtual Platform

We are very excited to announce the imminent launch of our virtual training and coaching platform, Speaking at Work. All the high quality, transformational training we traditionally delivered in live-scenarios can now be delivered virtually for individuals and corporate groups. The virtual approach means you can access the training when and wherever suits you and…


What Do I Do with My Hands During a Presentation?

Four Things to Help Gesture Support Your Presentation The three default arm positions. Recently, two delegates, let’s call them Tom and Peter, got up to deliver their initial presentation they each took up one of the three default arm positions that we use when we feel like we are in the spotlight. Tom folded his…